Laura's Cocina – Mexican Cooking Classes In Querétaro, Mexico


Laura's Cuisine - Santa Rosa de Viterbo Church - Queretaro, Mexico

You can learn to cook in Laura’s Cocina located in the UNESCO World heritage city of Querétaro, Mexico, located just 2 hours north of Mexico City.  Querétaro was declared a patrimony of humanity in 1996, and after spending a day walking among its tall Spanish Casonas, and sipping coffee at one of its many French style outdoor plazas it is easy to see why. Querétaro is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets.  It is actually the most visited – non-beach – destination for Mexicans in the country.  Due to it’s critical role in Mexican history and culture, the city is full to the brim with things to do and places to visit.  Many visitors also like the fact that the city is “authentic” in that it still feels Mexican as opposed to other more well known cities which have changed drastically due to cater to tourists.

The weather is temperate year round, never too hot, or too cold. The city is conveniently located in the Bajío region of Mexico and it is an ideal place to plan day trips to Mexico City, Guanajauto, San Miguel de Allende, Michuacan butterfly reserve, the Franciscan way, and dozens of other well known historic an natural sites in Mexico. The only downside to visiting Querétaro, Mexico is that you may never want to leave.

Your Mexican cooking classes are held at Laura’s home in the Centro Histórico of Querétaro. Her home is centrally located and she lives just 2 blocks from the Mercado de la Cruz, 1 block from the Iglesia de la Cruz and just a 5 minute walk from the main zocalo (Plaza de Armas).  When you sign up for a cooking class Laura will send you detailed instructions, a photo of the facade of the house and a detailed map of downtown so that you can find Laura’s Cocina with ease.  There are also dozens of hotels, B&B’s and hostels within just a few blocks of her home.  So if you need advice on a place to stay, just ask.

You will go out with Laura during each day of cooking class and explore the local area to buy the ingredients necessary for the dishes. This is how most Mexicans make their meals everyday and it is a part of the experience of learning how to cook Mexican cuisine.

After your class you will be able to enjoy your meal from the beautiful rooftop patio of Laura’s home.  The rooftop patio is actually the highest one in the centro historico (due to my location on the hill of the Iglesia de la Cruz.  This means we get an unobstructed 360 degree view of downtown.  It is the only place in the city you can see aqueduct, the church of Santa Rosa de Viterbo and Cerro de las Campanas all at the same time.

Laura's Cocina - Danzante Chichimeca Statue - Queretaro, Mexico

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